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How To Upsize Your Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

My husband and I are upsizing from an apartment to a very spacious two story townhome. With a garage, you guys! No more running outside in the rain and snow to scrape off our car! We're excited. But there aren't any resources out there that tell me what I need to upsize. We're not buying a home, we're still renting, but I wondered - what things do I need - or need more of - when upsizing? So I compiled a list of things I'm currently buying for our new place to get your wheels turning as well.

Obviously, being a professional organizer, I come from a minimalist leaning so I don't want to purchase junk just for the sake of filling up a space. So purchase wisely when it comes to big items like furniture. I'll never purchase something from Ikea, because I want it to last.

(I make no money off of the product recommendations I list below. These are purely my own favorite products)

Portable Fans

We're moving to a place that has no ceiling fans, and while we may eventually decide to purchase our own and figure out the journey of installing them, for now we're not hassling with it. So a portable fan will do. My husband works from home so he'll need one and our bedroom will need one. We also love air purifiers because we have 5 cats - yes, you read that right. 5 fur children. So with the oscillator and how powerful it blows cool air, we use these as a fan as well.

Space Heaters

We're super cold natured people - we keep it at 76 in the winter you guys. I know. So space heaters are a must. We're planning on getting an additional one for the guest room and one for downstairs - hot air rises! In the same vain, consider purchasing a few warm air humidifiers. They are wonderful for those days when you're sick or the air is just so dry your fingers are cracking. Also, cold humidifiers will take the minerals in the water and disperse them into the air unlike a hot humidifier which turns them into little black flakes. Breathing in minerals like this can be harmful to your health so always, always choose a warm air humidifier. Even if it's not the "cool" thing to do these days. Throw a little salt in there and make sure there's nothing within 4-6 feet around it that could fall and block the spout (this is a fire hazard).

Night Lights

I personally love and need night lights. At night when I get super thirsty or have to wake up to use the bathroom or if the cats make a ruckus or whatever reason, I need to stumble around in the dark. I need total darkness to sleep, but one nightlight per hallway and a few in the living room and one in the bathroom are required in my home. I love the beautiful decorative ones at Target but my favorites are these:

They're soft lighting and only shine downward so they don't hurt your eyes but they're still much brighter than the ones you'd get at a normal store. Their light sensor is also extremely sensitive and wonderful in saving energy, too. I never have a problem with them staying on all day. There's just not a single negative I can say about them.

New Tools

I've had the same wonderful broom since I got married 6 years ago. It's been wonderful but it's starting to bite the dust. I was looking for a semi eco friendly version and found this cool interchangeable but also replaceable head broom:

Are you getting wood floors? Is it real wood or faux? More carpet? Perhaps you're getting more rugs? Do you have stairs now? Are they wood or carpet? Will you have a garage? A porch? Perhaps it's time to think of a mini vacuum for the stairs or a new Bona mop for eco friendliness. Just remember to never use vinegar on wood flooring. It will damage the wood with just a few uses. You don't want to have to redo your wood floors!

Outdoor Equipment

Getting outdoor space for the first time? You'll want a hose

and maybe a sprinkler, a grill, a smoker, some patio furniture, whatever your little heart desires as way of outdoor space!

Stair Treads

Is this your first place with stairs? Do you have small children, pets, etc? Are they wooden stairs? I have 3 small kittens that tear through the house and one of them is not the brightest. I want to keep them safe running up the stairs like a bat out of you know where. I looked at some clear ones that are tape but those have been known to completely tear off the wood on the stairs when it comes time to come off. And since this is a rental, that's simply out of the question. I found these cute carpet ones that barely have any adhesive. Hopefully there's enough to keep them in place for awhile. If not, I will report back of my findings.

Bathroom Accessories

If this is your first time moving to a place with multiple bathrooms, you'll want to obviously purchase more towels, bath mats, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders. You'll want to think of things your guests will need like a plunger, toothbrush and paste, cups, a hair dryer, deodorant, pony tail holders, wifi password and anything else you anticipate they'll need. We are upgrading from a 2 to a 2.5 bath so we'll just need another bathmat, soap dispenser, plunger, and hand towel and we'll be good to go!

...And More!

There are so many things you can purchase and upgrade. With an upgrade, it's tempting to want to buy all new everything, but try to keep your waste to a minimum. Be sure to donate and sell what you can. Host a garage sale, utilize Facebook Marketplace, and continue to utilize what you can. I am currently looking for a new rug or two, bedroom lamps, a mirror, and I just purchased a beautiful Simple Human trash and recycle 2 in 1 trashcan that I'm very excited about to cut down on the space I am taking up of having two large trash cans for both of these purposes. Now that we have a trash can and recycle bin just next to the kitchen in the garage to take to the curb, I no longer I have to save up a lot of trash and recycling to make the very, very long trip to our dumpster (this is probably the thing I'm most excited about. It's the little things, right?) so we can totally invest in this trash can. Our current stainless steel trash can was in our apartment dumpster area. It's amazing what people in apartments throw out. We rescued it three years ago and it's served us so wonderfully. We will be selling or donating it.

The list is obviously different depending on what you have. We are minimalists-ish and like to keep the bare minimum of just what we need so we don't have multiple of every item. So that's why I created this list. What things are missing from this list? Can you think of something? Add them in the comments below!


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