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Cleaning Schedule for Stay At Home Wives

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

I love reading about cleaning schedules and finding better routines to try at home but everyone I see centers around either the working woman or the stay at home mom. Both of these of course are the majority of women these days and while of course I am working with my business I am at home a majority of the time (at this stage of my life anyway) and so I consider myself a Stay at Home Wife to a large degree. My husband also works from home so we have a bit of a different routine. If you're childfree, even if only for the time being, or an empty-nester and you're at home and looking for a good routine to keep the house clean this is for you.

I'm a huge fan of Clean Mama. I have her books and I love her cleaning recipes and how she's big into being green and using DIY non-toxic products. I personally don't use microfiber cloths because in the washing machine the plastic fibers wash off and end up in the ocean but I do utilize a lot of cotton rags for cleaning and I love that she even sells her own rags in her trademarked aqua blue. Her schedule really makes sense and works for me. I'd highly recommend giving it a try. You can purchase her sheets for cleaning that are downright gorgeous for an extremely affordable price on her website or you can utilize a black board in your kitchen or however you keep track of to do lists. Follow @cleanmama on Instagram and she'll remind you daily which chore is for today. I personally love the notes app on my iPhone. I can share it with my husband if I want to so he can update if he needs to and I can use the little checkboxes and check off items I've done as I go. (Is there anything more rewarding than checking something off your list? If I do something I add it to my to do list just so I can check it off and feel accomplished.)

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I love to have something to wash each day and something to clean each day. I have several cats so I add in my chores for them throughout the week as well. Cleaning the litter boxes, washing the cat water fountain, filling up the automatic food dispensers, etc. I like to do a load of laundry in the morning so I don't have to worry about going to bed at night and realizing my sheets aren't dry yet. My husband and I use family cloths for eco friendliness (and we'll never go back. They're so much more luxurious than TP) so I wash those on Wednesday. I usually throw regular cleaning rags in with the towels on Friday.

My cleaning routine inspired by Clean Mama

Here's where I differ a little from all the cleaning routines I see from others with children. They prefer to clean 6 days a week and right before bed whereas with my husband working during the weekdays I prefer to take a break from cleaning on nights and weekends so I can be with my husband. We both love playing video games and often times I prefer to watch him play while I peruse Pinterest occasionally. I don't want to spend my precious hours that Sam is off work cleaning up messes when those can be tended during the day. So many cleaning schedules recommend making sure the house is clean before bed - doing the dishes, picking up the living room and bedroom, but I would rather binge watch Parks and Recreation with Sam and get ready for bed and go to sleep when he does. In the morning it doesn't bother me that there's an array of dishes waiting for me because I feel happy from the night before spending the evening with my best friend.

My Morning Routine

  • I get up and throw on some sweats or leggings and a t-shirt and throw my hair in a bun

  • I groggily make my way downstairs and start the espresso machine to heat up. While it's heating I open all the blinds downstairs and let the cats out to play

  • Because I'm not working full time and Sam does, I love to not only make him coffee but also cook his favorite breakfasts - Jalapeño cheese eggs and occasionally a meat of some sort. Other days for a treat I'll get something sweet (I'm the sweet eater - my stomach can't tolerate protein before 11:30 but he likes certain kinds of sweet treats) like made from scratch pancakes, banana bread, the rare donut, and recently we moved close to a food truck that sells Beignets for breakfast so I picked some up as a very special breakfast to celebrate it being Friday. Before I quit my full time job in the digital marketing industry Sam would spend a half hour each morning making coffee and breakfast, which was fine with his flexible job, but it meant working later that evening, which I hated. Now I am so happy to take that off his plate and spend more time with him in the evenings

  • Then I like to read a chapter of the Bible with my coffee and perhaps lemon water. I'm not a devotional type girl - I haven't found one that really speaks to me - they're a little too cheesy for my taste and I prefer deeper theological teaching instead of emotional readings, but I know I'm a little weird. I'm sure there's some good deep theological devotionals out there, but I haven't done my due diligence to find one because I love listening to sermons on podcasts from people like Chris Hodges (Church of the Highlands - my church back home in Alabama) and Robert Morris (Gateway in Texas) to get my deeper dives or read blogs and books

Putting God and my husband first in the morning is the most important to me, personally. I know everyone is different, so feel free to customize these to your lifestyle.

  • Once I'm done with my daily devotions, I make the bed. There's nothing like making the bed to make your bedroom and life feel put together. I don't always do this step and if I skip it, it affects me every time I walk past or in the bedroom. It makes me feel lazier and more tired. There truly is something magical about making the bed first thing

  • Finally I begin chores. I begin a load of whatever laundry needs to be done that day

  • I then do the dishes and spray and wipe down all the counters. Because it's just the two of us, I don't have to wash the dishes daily so I wait till the washer is full before starting a load. This might cause some to howl but it is being a good steward of resources and money in my opinion

  • Once I finish the kitchen I move on to fluffing couch pillows, putting away remotes and shoes, and making the rest of the house look somewhat decent and put away

  • If I can convince myself, I do some workouts. Ok, let's be honest, I haven't done this in a long time

  • I look at my to do list and do the daily chore for that day

  • If I still have time I look at the monthly chores to see what I'm in the mood to check off today. Is it wiping down baseboards? Cleaning the fridge? Descaling the coffee machine? Whatever it is, I do one item.

  • Once I'm good and sweaty I go take a shower and I may use a face mask afterwards

The Rest of The Day

Usually by this time it's around 10:30 or 11 (I get up late) and I may begin working on lunch or I may go outside on a nice day to watch the kitties play or garden. If it's Monday I may run to the grocery store to pick up the groceries for the week if I didn't get a chance over the weekend. Back when my husband worked outside the home I would make a point to meet him for lunch at least once a week if possible. I would often prepare picnics on nice days and we'd sit outside somewhere or else we'd meet up and split a lunch at a restaurant. During cold months we'd either eat in his office breakroom, eat out, or meet less frequently.

During the afternoon I have time to work on my business, learn something new through reading, run errands, do misc items that need doing like renewing license plates, scheduling appointments, etc. and then relax. I always make time to relax during the afternoon a little. You shouldn't beat yourself up for taking a break during the day. Take a nap, go for a walk (I love to go get the mail at our mail center with Sam during the afternoon. Especially if I hear him getting frustrated with work), watch your favorite girly movie you haven't seen in awhile that your husband hates, go grab a smoothie, get a manicure, walk around the mall and get a cookie - do something for YOU! Also, if you have extra time in your schedule go take a self defense class, enroll in some therapy just to have a checkup, take archery or ballroom dancing, see what free stuff your library is offering, volunteer at the library, your local pet shelter, a soup kitchen or your church. Just because you aren't working full time doesn't mean your life is unimportant or shameful. You are making a difference in the lives of your family and friends and wherever you serve. So get out there and change the world!

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