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A Guide to Projects That Can Help Sell Your Home Quickly

Updated: Feb 18

Preparing to put your home on the market? We here at The Honey Bee have some great project suggestions to help sell it more quickly! These modifications range from simple remodels to the addition of lighting and a fresh coat of paint. If you have room to spare, consider transforming the attic into another bedroom. Check out this list of updates most likely to maximize your investment.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

You can update your bathroom inexpensively by replacing the toilet, vanity, faucets, and lights. Also, freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint and splurge on towels, curtains, a shower curtain, and rug in complementary, neutral colors. If necessary, consider replacing the flooring with inexpensive vinyl tiles and choose mid-range fixtures to see up to a full 100 percent return on investment (ROI).

Meanwhile, minor kitchen remodels typically recoup about 80 percent or more of the cost. As the heart of the home, an updated kitchen that includes new paint, hardware, faucets, and lights works wonders. If you’ve got an older home that lacks ceiling lights, invest in adding a few. Recessed lighting in kitchens and bathrooms also brightens up spaces. Change out regular light switches for dimmers, too.

Update (or Transform) Some Rooms

The first order of business when preparing your home means organizing and decluttering everything. Yes, even your closets! Also consider decluttering and depersonalizing by moving extra furniture, pictures, and knick-knacks to storage to add a spacious feeling. If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of all this organization, turn to the experts at The Honey Bee. We’ve got the experience to get your home in tip-top shape, and we have access to contractors like junk haulers and interior designers to help along the way.

There’s still more to transforming your rooms. You can stage your living room to impress for merely the cost of a few cans of paint, a couple of lamps, and lighter window treatments. Remove worn carpeting, and if the wood floor looks good, make it shine with a good wood cleaner and then add a few new area rugs for warmth and color.

In the bedrooms, a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, upgraded lighting, and hardwood floors covered with area rugs is all you need to create a sanctuary for sleeping and relaxing.

If your attic works as another room, you’ll get the highest ROI by converting it to another bedroom rather than a den, loft, or family room. Homes get listed based on the number of bedrooms they have, so if your three-bedroom home’s reclassified as a four-bedroom home, its value will increase. Expect to gain back about 93 percent of your project cost.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

Whether it’s a new (or painted) front door, updated garage and garage door, or new siding, invest in your home’s curb appeal since your home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see. Whether you hire a landscaper or do these projects yourself, make sure the garden’s neat and trim. Improving your home’s exterior nets an average ROI of 95 percent.

Worst “Investments”

Naturally, you want to get the most out of your money -- especially if you’ve got limited funds. As such, you may need to pick and choose which big projects to tackle and fund. Here are a few projects that most experts don’t consider a worthwhile investment of time or money.

  • Backup generators don’t add much resale value to homes unless you live in a very rural area or a place where bad weather knocks out power frequently and for long durations.

  • Bathroom and master bedroom additions are expensive and usually unnecessary; renovations and remodels bring greater returns.

  • Home office renovations work for people who use a home office regularly, but not all buyers may be looking for one. Generally, those renovations don’t contribute much to resale value.

  • Window replacements fall under the “it depends” category. Sometimes, updating and replacing windows with better-insulated versions can net up to a 70 percent return on your investment, but it depends on the area.

Calculate Your Profits

Not sure how to calculate the profit on the sale of a home? It is a slightly complicated process — but not impossible. A variety of websites offer calculators into which you can plug various numbers, and they’ll help you determine your profit based on various factors that include where you live, your home’s selling price, and outstanding mortgage balance.

Remember that every market is different, so talk to your real estate agent or broker before you spend too much on renovations before you sell.

If you need to prepare your home to sell and need organizational assistance, reach out the professionals at The Honey Bee today!

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